Friday, March 6, 2015

February 2015 Meeting

We started out our meeting with a brown bag lunch and gab session. We then moved on to show and tell. Kim made a baby blanket on her bulky machine knitting 266 rows with a tuck stitch and then crocheting a border around it, isn't it beautiful?

Then we had to look at what Sherry had been up to, she has been busy!  Here are 3 "infinity" scarves with tuck patterns on her bulky.

Then some adorable and soft fingerless mittens!

And LOTS of dishcloths! Out of the sport weight "I love this Cotton"....very pretty!

Some of the gals wanted to review doing fairisle with a punch card. I would say we were successful!

 Doris (our newest machine knitter!) wanted to review cast offs.  

Kim wanted to learn how to program her own patterns into the bulky 270 and we practiced that several times very successfully.  All in All a full day of fun and learning!