Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Potluck!

As usual we combined the November and December meetings into one, due to the Holidays. This year we decided to do a potluck, and I bet this is the start of a new tradition for us :-)  We had wonderful food and fun.  Reba hosted and set a beautiful Holiday table............

She already had her lovely tree set up...........

We had a wonderful meal followed by great desserts!

We did show and tell.  BJ made a Ruana on her Passap............

Alysha made scarves, slippers and leg warmers..........

Margie showed us this lovely dress she made for a family member to wear to her anniversary party.....

the detailing is gorgeous!!

She has a previously made sweater that would do better as a cardi jacket, and we discussed cutting and fixing............

 Margaret showed off her lovely blue sweater..........

We had library time...............

and another yarn sale, can't beat those prices!!!!

It was wonderful to catch up with Margaret and Sandi, who had not been able to attend in quite awhile!

Margie handed out door prizes for all!  Some wonderful sock yarn, Thanks Margie!!!

Our next meeting will be January 28th, everyone bring your machines!  Our theme is to start the new year right and get back in the swing of things!  We can brush up on our skills and teach each other what we learned from doing our holiday knitting :-)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

October 2011 Meeting

Boy did you guys miss out by not attending the meeting!! We had a yarn clearance sale :-)  CHEAP CHEAP prices! I was having sooooo much fun playing with the yarn I forgot to take pictures, bad me. But, we had other wonderful things to take pictures of so here we go........

Jane was unable to attend the meeting but sent over some lovely preemie blankets to go to charity.


For show and tell Alysha made a baby cocoon learning lots of new things along the way!  The color is even more beautiful in person

Reba has been going to town on her new Bulky 260 and decided instead of just plain old swatches she would make them big enough to be baby blankets for gifts or charity, check these out :-)

Margie had some extra lovely show and tell to help explain "dress yarns" to us and how good they wear and wash up!  She always does the most stunning work on her knitting machines!!

As usual we are combining the November and December meeting into one due to holidays and traveling and gift knitting, but this year we have deciced to have a potluck! This will be on December 3rd at Reba's house.  Please join us and please still bring show and tell!! Hope all your holiday knitting goes as you plan :-)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

August 2011 Meeting

Summer has kept us busy and we have not been doing much meeting wise so it was wonderful to get back in the swing yesterday. We are trying out a more organized meeting with a sortof schedule.  It worked great, we got everything done we intended with plenty of social time, too!  We started with our setting up/eating lunch/social time, then came the library time.  Next was Show N Tell and we had lots of fun.  This was Jane's first time to attend a meeting, so she brought many lovely items to show.  Most were made on her Brother standard or her Passap E6000.

Reba sewed and smocked a stunning christening gown as a gift.

Note the embroidered child's info on the slip.

Alysha has perfected her stiffening on the gift baskets she knits.

Taught herself how to make knit radar patterns.

Experimenting with cotton men's ties.

Made some seam as you go shortie socks.

Jane drove all the way over from Missouri to give us a demo with her Brother 965i on knitting flat socks.  Boy, she sure can whip one up in a flash! 

Love that yarn she used :-)

We had a lovely meeting, hope you can join us some time!  Our next meeting is scheduled for September 24th.  Till next time Knit On!