Monday, March 18, 2013

March 2013 Meeting

Although the meeting was small in attendance it was still big on fun!  Melody, Reba and BJ were the small but industrious group.  After our normal sack lunch and "catch up" chit chat, we organized and passed out the club orders we had received for sponge bars and other supplies.  That is the best way to order and save on shipping costs!

Reba had been knitting socks on her Passap, aren't they cute!

and a beautiful SOFT shell. also on the Passap!

Reba brought in her SK700 and several flat bed sock patterns and gave Melody a sock lesson.

BJ worked on the surprise chick pattern from Knitten Buds on her Brother 400 travel machine. She got 3 done! 6 more to go!

We agreed on our usual date for the April Meeting.  The 4th Saturday in April, on the 27th. It doesn't interfere with any seminar traveling :-)