Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October Meeting

We were all very excited this meeting as Margie has decided to downsize her considerable stash of coned yarns!!!  We had a yarn sale :-) and every single cone now has a new home!

Margie brought a huge bag of BEAUTIFUL swatches that she has made through the years, and she can tell you every piece of clothing they were made for and what yarns were used.......amazing!!!

She also brought a homemade yarn twister that her husband made out of a tomato cage and wood, very useful and inexpensive idea!

BJ brought the Boye electric yarn winder for experimentation and review

Our knitting theme this month was Christmas knitting.  BJ decided on the snowman from the Bond Archives on her Bulky and Alysha decided on the Santa Hat from Kangamoo Knits Archives.

Once again a fun and educational meeting, even thought we did not get our knitting completed, but at least we still have time before Christmas.

edited to add finished photo of Snowman Toy