Sunday, October 27, 2013

Yes, we are BACK!

We have had a very hard time all getting together for a meeting over the summer! There has been some good times, and some bad times.  Good times where Reba, Kim and BJ have traveled to 3 MK seminars, and bad times where health is iffy and dear ones have passed. 

But we continue to persevere and we had some new interest in the Illinois part of our area.  It is so wonderful we have some many states close to draw from.   BJ did a machine knitting demonstration at a local gift shop and met some gals interested in machine knitting, one even had a Bond under her bed!  Kim met a lady at a yard sale that used to MK a lot and indeed still had her machine and wants to get back into the swing.  So we decided to have a meeting at Kim's house and she put a call out on Facebook to anybody who might want to come and see this wonderful craft :-)  We ended up with 3 adventurous souls and I think we have some new MKers!!!!  Kim had a wonderful luncheon for us all,

there was lots of show and tell,

we spread out our library of books and magazines,

and showed off some machine knitting to the prospective new knitters!

A good time was had by all and new friends were made!