Wednesday, April 11, 2012

March 2012 Meeting

After lunch and socialization time, our meeting on March 31st was called to order. There were 5 members present. Our treasurer, BJ, reported our present bank balance as $123.37. Last meeting’s minutes were reported by Reba to show that we had made decisions on the following monthly demonstrations: March – Decreases and Increases, April – Edgings, May – Lace, June – punchcards, and July – measuring session. The programs for the rest of this year will be decided on at a later meeting. The business meeting was then adjourned. (aren't we getting so fancy and organized!!)

Next was Show and Tell (which is one of our favorite parts of the meeting!) Margie brought two beautiful sweaters, one sideways knit in wool ...........

and a rayon top done with 4 very thin strands.  Margie said it is her most comfortable "go to" top, often putting it back on as soon as it is washed!

 Reba showed a baby sacque done on the standard punchcard machine.

Beth wore a lovely sweater made on her Passap and showed lots of pictures of the adorable items she made her granddaughter at Christmas! 

Two door prizes were drawn – General Housekeeping Cookbook won by Melody and donated by BJ. One ball of Italian Cotton won by BJ (of course-haha) and donated by Margie.  Thanks Gals for the donations!

Our demonstration of decreases was done by Margie on the Brother 350 mid gauge.  Handouts were also provided giving explicit instructions on 6 different decreases. – thank you, Margie!

An unexpected demonstration was done on a garter carriage which Beth had recently acquired when she purchased an entire knitting room of items an older woman had to give up. She brought the garter carriage, Brother 260 and Brother 950e with bunches of tools and extras.  As Beth was previously only a Passap knitter we all dug in and helped look through and sort out Beth’s new toys and accessories.  Some of the accessories were found to be for Silver Reed machines and those went home with Melody (we are such enablers and have so much fun). 

Our next meeting should be right on schedule April 28th.  Hope you can visit us!!