Tuesday, March 16, 2010

February 27th Wool Dyeing Workshop

We decided to take a little detour in knitting and learned to dye some wool this month.  Lucky for us the Hobby Lobby room has a sink and we brought crock pots to use for the heating process.  We used Wilton cake icing dye so that you can use regular kitchen items with no harm.  Elaine was our illustrious instructor!! She has been published in the Cast On magazine for numerous things INCLUDING dyeing yarn :-)

you soak your yarn with water and vinegar
then you dip, dap, paint your colors on

then we put them in crock pots to cook in the dye

after the color is absorbed into the yarn and water is pretty much clear
you let the yarn cool, and then rinse till clear and spin dry in a salad spinner
and then TADA!!