Monday, January 27, 2014

January 2014 Meeting

We started the New Year going gang busters with 3 demonstrations!  First we had lunch and chit chat.  Then came Show and Tell.  Elaine has been very busy knitting lots of warm, pretty hats for her charity.

She showed us how she knits them the "mile a minute" method

BJ had a couple of hats also, she was learning her "new to her" Electronic Bulky 270

and a lovely scarf also made on the Bulky, but with yarn usually used on a standard gauge

Also, a neat little tool she found on Amazon to help with picking yarn loops off of gate pegs! A lighted dental tool!

Kim showed us how to knit her beautiful ruffle yarn scarf on the bulky. I love the sequin yarn she uses as the main yarn :-)

Elaine gave a hat demonstration on her "baby" Bond, she is such a good teacher!

And I loved the demonstration of the little flower to put on the hats !

Leigh (a non machine knitter-for now) wanted to try her hand and she made a child's hat on Kim's bulky

 and learned the mattress stitch!

Lastly, we got Kim's motor all lined out and tested and she learned how to use the electronic patterning on her Brother Bulky 270!  We had a full and wonderful meeting.