Saturday, February 5, 2011

January 2011 Meeting

As decided upon last year, we are now collecting dues for club membership at $10.00 per calendar year.  We are a very small club and I am thrilled to report we already have 5 paid members!!! We are hoping to use this money for booth fees at local craft fairs in order to demonstrate machine knitting and recruit more people to the craft!!

We had a brand new member attend her first meeting.  Sandi has two standard gauge machines, but had yet to use them.  We looked over the machines and found her sponge bars to be totally dead!! No knitting on those allowed for her!  Alysha has almost the same machine and volunteered to give her lessons on hers.  This went very well and Sandi will soon be knitting :-)  We also explained yarn choices to Sandi.

Our theme for this year is Knitting for Charity.  The first few months of 2011 we will be knitting baby items.  Reba and BJ worked on Baby Cocoons, and yarn was passed out for all to take home and work with.  There was a total explosion of yarn and our meeting was the messiest it has ever been!!!

Reba brought a gorgeous sweater to "show and tell" that she is in the middle of.  It is from an issue of Knitwords and is working up very nicely!!  Reba wants to have this done before the CKMG seminar in Raleigh, NC.

We have verified our next meeting date will be February 26th which as usual is the 4th Saturday of the month.
Come join us!!