Sunday, December 15, 2013

2013 Holiday Meeting

As usual we combined our November and December meeting into one for obvious reasons :-) So yesterday we had a potluck party/meeting at Kim's house. Lots of fun was had by all!  We started with time to set up machines and chit chat.  We caught up with old friends and met new friends.

We even got to meet Kim and Carl's 3 week old puppies!

Then we moved to a potluck lunch, lots of yummies which I was apparently so busy eating I did not get any pictures of!

We had decided to do a gift exchange this year and some really wonderful things were made and exchanged, we are such an eclectic crafty group :-) 


Then we moved on to our project this month, which was fingerless mittens.  They can be done several ways and on any machine. 

We all want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Our next meeting is scheduled for January 25th with the project TBA.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Yes, we are BACK!

We have had a very hard time all getting together for a meeting over the summer! There has been some good times, and some bad times.  Good times where Reba, Kim and BJ have traveled to 3 MK seminars, and bad times where health is iffy and dear ones have passed. 

But we continue to persevere and we had some new interest in the Illinois part of our area.  It is so wonderful we have some many states close to draw from.   BJ did a machine knitting demonstration at a local gift shop and met some gals interested in machine knitting, one even had a Bond under her bed!  Kim met a lady at a yard sale that used to MK a lot and indeed still had her machine and wants to get back into the swing.  So we decided to have a meeting at Kim's house and she put a call out on Facebook to anybody who might want to come and see this wonderful craft :-)  We ended up with 3 adventurous souls and I think we have some new MKers!!!!  Kim had a wonderful luncheon for us all,

there was lots of show and tell,

we spread out our library of books and magazines,

and showed off some machine knitting to the prospective new knitters!

A good time was had by all and new friends were made!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

April 2013 Meeting

Hello Spring! (maybe) seeing as the weather is being downright ornery in some places.  We had a nice meeting Saturday April 27th with 5 members in attendance.  Reba, BJ, Alysha, Melody and Kim.  As always we had lunch and social time :-) Melody brought her Studio 360 carriage that was locked up so we fired up the blow dryer and oil bottles.  We got one drum to spin, but the other one is locked solid.  Alysha volunteered her husband to look at it further! Reba, BJ and Kim had been to the Spring Fling in Peru, IN and told how much fun they had and lots of new things that were learned.  Kim was very smitten with the wire knitting class we took and brought samples to show us!

She found the perfect wire to use online

Alysha showed us her ruffled scarves and explained the difference in the ways they can be made.

Then gave us a demonstration on how to do these on the machine using the garter bar.  It looks very easy once you get a good rhythm going :-)

We sure did miss our members who were unable to make it.  It was an awesome meeting and I can't wait till our next meeting on June 1st!

Monday, March 18, 2013

March 2013 Meeting

Although the meeting was small in attendance it was still big on fun!  Melody, Reba and BJ were the small but industrious group.  After our normal sack lunch and "catch up" chit chat, we organized and passed out the club orders we had received for sponge bars and other supplies.  That is the best way to order and save on shipping costs!

Reba had been knitting socks on her Passap, aren't they cute!

and a beautiful SOFT shell. also on the Passap!

Reba brought in her SK700 and several flat bed sock patterns and gave Melody a sock lesson.

BJ worked on the surprise chick pattern from Knitten Buds on her Brother 400 travel machine. She got 3 done! 6 more to go!

We agreed on our usual date for the April Meeting.  The 4th Saturday in April, on the 27th. It doesn't interfere with any seminar traveling :-)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

February 2013 Meeting

It's been almost a year! Oh, my!  We have had several members unable to attend regular meetings for numerous reasons for several months.  There have been some mini meetings, but not enough to actually report on. We were almost giddy this month to have a meeting :-) We have a new member this year, Kim, and she is also a brand new machine knitter!

After lunch and much chit chat, we had show and tell.  Our new member Kim showed off her monkey sock hat with face mask she made on her bulky from the babyjane's pattern.  How cute is that?!?!

Alysha has been trying the owl cable, looking good....

a very pretty butterfly tuck baby blanket.....

and a darling poncho.............

Reba was working with the yarn twister her husband made, and as the club librarian she is a busy girl!

Melody and Kim watched Alysha while she made a Easter egg chick cover on her Bond machine. Cute and fast pattern!  We were coming up with lots of ideas for this pattern.

We had a short business meeting to collect 2013 dues and decide on the March meeting date.  We are hoping to invite the local hand knitting club and demo some fast and easy patterns to get them hooked!  Pun intended ;-) Until next time.........