Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 2011 Meeting

We had a lively group with lots of show and tell this month!  Two door prizes were given away, thanks Margie and Sandi!  Margie won the Easter Basket that Sandi made. 

Reba won some lovely chenille yarn that Margie brought. 

Margie showed us how to easily knit from yarn with the small narrow cone by using a box and dowel. 

Margie told us a lovely story of her very first machine knit item that she still has!  A scarf knitted on a "rented for 30 days for $15" machine, that she begrudgingly had to send back.

It would be several years before she finally got her own machines and did the amazing items like these!!!
This is an adorable sideways knit tuck sweater that she made her own applique for!! Isn't that palm tree so cute :-)

Here is a beautiful ivory suit with tulip skirt and top with angora sleeves and collar

Some soft summer tops

 and the most STUNNING purple and gold suit with skirt, sweater and illusion tunic vest!

look at the detailing!!

hope you can see the illusion :-) 

Alysha knit an adorable blue shrug

with gorgeous crochet trim
One of Diana Sullivan's tams

and I think we will call these Calf Warmers........a new design ;-)

some more baby on her standard and one on the Bond

We have a new member this month......Beth.  She has a Passap DM80 that was tucked away for years since her daughter was little.  But now! she is going to have a grandbaby and decided to get it back out :-) She has already made her new grandbaby a cotton hat and blanket.  I love how she uses every other needle on the blanket!

She also had some of the adorable items she made for her little girl all those years ago :-)

Alysha brought her Bond and did some knitting..........slippers below............and gave Sandi some "hands on" pointers for her new Bond

In other business Reba was appointed Club Librarian as Margie has given us another huge stack of books, magazines and seminar notes. With the addition of Beth this month we are now up to 6 paying members!! We will be skipping the April meeting due to members traveling to seminars and we need to change our May meeting due to Memorial Day weekend. Hopefully the church will be able to accommodate us on a different weekend. Till next time, knit on!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

February Meeting 2011

We had a slim crowd for our February 26th meeting.  In attendance were Reba, BJ and Sandi.  We started with Show and Tell.

Sandi's first MK piece! knitted EON on standard gauge.

Reba brought some swatches she has been working with on her Passap E6000.

BJ is experiementing with running cotton spandex along with yarn on Passap E6000.

These are baby cocoons (one finished, one unfinished) made on the Bulky.

Baby Hat on Passap E6000

Shrug on Bulky

Sandi brought her vintage machine hoping 3 heads was better than one with the poorly written instruction manual.  It turned out indeed with 3 heads and some trial and error we got it to knit!!!

We verified our next meeting will be on March 26th.

Hope to see you there!!