Sunday, June 27, 2010

Meeting Updates

hmmm...... I have been a bit lax here-SHAME on me :-)

Our April meeting was cancelled due to 3 members attending the Spring Fling in Peru Indiana.  Boy, did we have a good time!!  A lot was learned that weekend :-) 

We have had to change meeting spots due to classes being held at the Paducah Hobby Lobby on Saturdays.  That is a shame because the tables and lighting were very good there for bringing our machines and knitting.  We are now meeting in a church basement which is very nice but we cannot clamp our machines on to the tables.  But, where there is a will there is a way and we are bringing in machine stands or using bubbly shelf liner stuff.

Our May meeting was a bit slim with only Reba and myself (BJ) attending.  I knit the "10 minute bulky dishcloth" from a new" News and Views" magazine on my KH400 convertible machine and Reba did some swatching.  We re-discussed all the great classes we attended at Spring Fling.

At the June meeting we had 3 members (Reba, BJ and Elaine) in attendance with 2 visitors.  We sure enjoy having visitors and these were non-machine knitters, so it was fun explaining and showing them things. Elaine has a new to her machine and we spent some time getting her hooked up and up to speed on its attributes and she was able to swatch some very pretty patterns.  I forgot to take pictures but I will try to do better next time.

Next month's meeting is cancelled due to other summer obligations and the August meeting is cancelled due to attending Ileen's seminar in Hannibal, Missouri.